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10 Aug 2019 - Weekend Walk - July 2019

Weekend Walk - July 2019

Our walk along the Regent’s Canal continued in late July, starting off from where we had left off in May – Angel station on the Northern Line, with its remarkably long escalator to the surface. At this point, the Canal itself is also buried in a tunnel, and where it emerges once more into the open air, its character changes considerably: many more canal-boats, in a wide variety of colours. Gardens extending from the back of terraced houses displayed a profusion of flowers, and the small walking group took good advantage of a pop-up café and then a larger establishment in Victoria Park. Here there was a choice of destinations: to the right, Limehouse Basin beckoned, whilst to the left lay the Olympic Park, in part re-tracing the steps we had taken back in 2011, when the Games themselves were still in the future. A hearty light lunch was consumed beside the water-side, before finally boarding the Docklands Light Railway at the charmingly-named Pudding Mill Station.

These weekend walks are always a good opportunity to meet fellow members, without the complication of weekday work commitments.