On 19th December 1995 some leading members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (founded in 1930) adopted Ordinances for "The Guild of Tax Advisers". Its three primary aims were to enhance the standing of the profession of tax advisers in the City of London; to support and fund benevolent and charitable causes; and to provide for fellowship between tax advisers. The ordinances were registered with the Clerk of the Chamberlain's Court in the City of London.

The company's sponsor was Alderman Richard Agutter, FCA, who became Sheriff for 2000-01. Immense support was received from Andrew Gillett, CTA, FCA, the Clerk of the Founders' Company.

At the Guild's first Civic Luncheon in Founder's Hall on 19th May 1997 the then Lord Mayor, the late Alderman Sir Roger Cork, FCA, accepted honorary membership.

Within five years, on 12th December 2000, the Court of Aldermen constituted the Guild a City Company without Livery. It became "The Company of Tax Advisers" and the members became Freemen. Four years later, on 18th January 2005, the Court of Aldermen resolved that it should become a livery company, to be known as The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers. This was recorded in letters patent, issued by the Lord Mayor in a special meeting of the Court of Aldermen in the Mansion House on 18th May 2005. The Company thus became the City's 107th Livery Company in order of precedence.

On 8th July 2009, Her Majesty the Queen, in Privy Council, granted a Royal Charter for the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers. The Company was greatly honoured by the presentation of The Royal Charter by HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO on 13th May 2010 at The Great Hall, St Bartholomew's Hospital.

Past Masters achieving prominence in the City of London include Richard Agutter (Aldermanic Sheriff 2000-01) and Ian Luder (Aldermanic Sheriff 2007-8, 681st Lord Mayor 2008-9).


1995 - 1998 Roy L Jennings
1998 - 1999 Douglas J Pyne-Gilbert
1999 - 2001 Ian D Luder CBE
2001 - 2002 Michael B Squires
2002 - 2003 Peter Murcott
2003 - 2004 Adam V B Broke OBE
2004 - 2005 Clive W Tulloch
2005 - 2006 Erica F M Stary
2006 - 2007 Iain P A Stitt
2007 - 2008 William V W Norris
2008 - 2009 Richard D Agutter
2009 - 2010 J. Nicholas Woolf
2010 - 2011 Barbara A Abraham
2011 - 2012 Peter S Gravestock
2012 - 2013 Nicholas C Goulding
2013 - 2014 John R Dewhurst
2014 - 2015 Michael I Godbee
2015 - 2016 Anthony Thomas
2016 - 2017 Kevin Thomas
2017 - 2018 J Morag Loader
2018 - 2019 Marcus S P Fincham

2019 - 2020 Paul V Morton

2020 -         Susan M Christensen 


1995 - 1996 Jonathan C Crump
1996 - 2001 John Jeffrey-Cook
2001 - 2003 C Edward Lord
2004 - 2017 Paul D Herbage
2017 -         Stephen Henderson