Becoming a Freeman and Liveryman of the Company

Members of the Company (known as “Freemen”) must be either Chartered Tax Advisers or individuals who are or were engaged in tax practice or tax administration and who satisfy criteria established by the Court of Assistants. To advance from the Freedom to the Livery of the Company, the individual applicant must also be eligible, and prepared, to swear the Oath of allegiance to the Crown and the Lord Mayor in order to become a Freeman of the City of London. Non-British tax advisers who have sufficient interest in the City of London are eligible, but will not be required to swear the Oath of allegiance to the Crown. Applicants should also recognise that membership of a livery company should normally be regarded from the outset as a lifelong commitment.

Applications for membership (“the freedom of the Company”) are to be made on the application form. Normally, prospective members should provide details of an existing liveryman or freeman of the Company who will act as their sponsor. The sponsor will be contacted to provide a reference. In addition, as the Court considers that prospective members should ideally have some experience of the Company’s activities prior to admission, your sponsor should arrange for you to attend an event before you submit your form. In case of difficulty over these matters including the identification of a sponsor, please contact the Clerk whose details are shown above or on the application form.

Applications for Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers are considered at meetings of the Company’s Membership Committee.  These take place four times a year, generally in February, April, September and November.  Applicants for the Freedom of the Company are encouraged to submit their applications to the Clerk by the 15th of the month preceding the month of the Membership Committee Meeting at which they would like their application to be considered.

Members pay an annual fee, known as quarterage, each July. The rate for both UK Liverymen and Freemen is currently £275(2020/21). Members under the age of 40 can apply to pay a reduced rate of 50% and those resident and working overseas. In each case, the first year's quarterage for a new member may be payable in quarterly instalments dependent upon their date of admission to the company.

On admission to the Freedom of the Company, an entry fee, known as a Fine, is payable. The amount is dependent upon age and is £200 for those under 30, £250 for those under 35, £300 for those under 40, £350 for those under 45 and £400 for those over 45. Those resident and working overseas pay an admission fine of £125.

Charitable Donations
It is expected that in normal circumstances, Liverymen and Freemen will make an annual donation to the TaxAdvisers' Charitable Trust. The amount is for individuals to decide; the typical contribution is between £150 and £250 per year. It is recognised that Freemen in their early years of membership may not be able to contribute these amounts.